Tashattot (Arabic for dispersion) is an art collective based in Belgium dedicated to supporting visual artists, musicians, film makers and cultural practitioners at large, originally from the SWANA region and currently “dispersed” in Europe. The collective aims at creating opportunities, collaborations, commissions and securing funding for these expatriate artists.

The word tashattot and its English equivalents scattering/dispersion, define the collective in both the literal sense of the word (pertaining to the description of the individuals scattered around the world, far from their homelands), as well as its metaphorical sense which relates to the scattering and dispersion of ideas and ways of thinking, as the word in Arabic is oftentimes used to describe the wandering of the thoughts (tashattot al afkar or scattered thoughts).

Tashattot is a work in progress and a newly launched collective with a fluid and evolving set of actions. It currently is and will always remain open to new ideas and experiences; continuously building on lessons learned and with practice. The collective strongly believes in the efficiency of open discussions, as the only way to grow and better address SWANA expat artists needs and aspirations, it therefore remains open to revi
ews, critiques, evaluations or any opinions related to its mechanisms.

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A Day in Solidarity with Palestine

Kunsthal, Ghent

November 29th 2023

Kunsthal Gent opens its doors for a day-long programme. On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, together with Tashattot collective, Kunstwerkt and rokko, we are organising a diverse range of multidisciplinary performances. Be welcome and get to know the diverse and rich work of Palestinian artists.


13:45 — Cinema
Doors open

Ongoing — 't Oud Huis & Bar
The Ghent queer feminist book initiative rokko offers a collection of books by Palestinian authors and about Palestine. A growing library that you can consult freely throughout the day. Be welcome to read together and talk about what is going on in Palestine. This way we can further inform ourselves, find softness in the grief we feel or further fuel our fighting spirit.
Food from vegetarian food and tea house Lokaal

14:00 (15') — Cinema
Joud’s Story (more info soon)

14:15 (1h) — Cinema
BDS Teach-out (more info soon)

15:30 (1h30') — Cinema
Disarming Design (more info soon)

17:30 (2h) — 't Oud Huis Workshop — With the cookbook Where the Olive Tree Grows, Sirien Salameh brings an ode to her mother. In between the fingerlicking family recipes, seeps a story about tradition, loss, olive trees and occupation. With oil pastels and drypoint etching, she sheds personal light on the circumstances in Palestina.

We gather round the table to prepare small dishes from the cookbook and to draw together. With some small assignments, Sirien puts us to work, using Palestinian cuisine as an inspiration for drawing and conversation. If you wish, you can present your drawings afterwards on the wall of Kunsthal.

Bring your own drawing material
No reservations necessary. First come, first eat!


19:45 (1h 35') — Cinema
Film screening — 'NAMRUD' (Troublemaker) a film by Fernando Romero Forsthuber documenting the life of Palestinian musician Jowan Safadi.

“ Frustrated by the political, artistic and social development in his society, JOWAN SAFADI – a famous and controversial Palestinian-Israeli musician and single-father of a teenage son decides to again make some trouble in the conflict-ridden region.”

21:30 (1h) — Syllabus
Musical performance — Ambient soundscapes by SAWT, the alias of Palestinian Brussels-based electronic music producer Kamel Badarneh. Making use of analogue machines and field recordings, SAWT aims to create a sonic range where techno, ambient and experimental music meet in harmony.


Sirien Salameh
Sirien Salameh (1999), is an illustrator and visual artist. She illustrated her first book ' Where the olive tree grows' during her master's degree 'Storytelling' at Luca School of Arts.

SAWT is the alias of Palestinian Brussels-based electronic music producer Kamel Badarneh. Making use of analogue machines and field recordings, SAWT aims to create a sonic range where techno

Until August 2023, rokko was a radical feminist queer bookstore and café in Gent. In 2024, we hope to continue rokko. At a different location, in a new structure, and with new faces. But with the same goal: trying to bring the margin to the center. In books and in people.

Lokaal is een warme plek waar we koken met plantaardig en lokaal lekkers! Een huiskamerrestaurant waar eenieder welkom is en zich kan baden in fijne smaken, bedwelmende geuren en heerlijke deuntjes van de platenspeler.

Disarming Design
Disarming design from Palestine is an independent non-profit project fostering thought-provoking designs from Palestine. They are useful objects, and each one of them carries a unique story.

Joud Abu Al Humus
Joud has been an Erasmus exchange student in Tampere, Finland, has been active as a volunteer in refugee camps and in organising debates and events for the Palestinian Annual Model United Nations, gathering international students.

Jules Bakker
Jules Bakker is part of the Solidarity Network UGent. This new network of professors, researchers and students takes action to pressure the university to adopt the BDS strategy and suspend all cooperation with Israeli universities, companies and government institutions that support and/or benefit from the occupation and apartheid regime.

This project is made possible with the generous support of the Kunsthal Gent, Kunst Werkt and rokko.